Internships for Christian Ministry
Practical training for persons called to pastoral, cross-cultural, recovery and justice ministries

Missions Internship
​Requirements for the CCF Missionary Internship Diploma (18-24 months)

[A] Educational requirements commensurate with the intern’s chosen mission agency Masters degree in theology/mission highly valued but not required for graduation from program unless participant desires ordination

[B] Leadership Practicum:
On-going during the 18-24 month internship
Attending 20 CCF elder meetings (Monday mornings 6:30-8:15).
Shadowing/assisting the Pastors in prayer meetings (Tuesday evenings, 6:30-8 p.m.), prayer vigils (quarterly), and worship services (Sunday mornings: 9-noon, Wednesday evenings: 6-7:30). Learning by doing: Preaching, counseling, weddings, funerals, baptisms, pastoral visitation.

[C] Mission Mentorship
Each intern is required to connect and learn from an experienced career missionary approved by the Internship Supervisors. The candidate is to meet at least six times with the mentor during his/her internship (skype conferences with the mentor is acceptable).

[D] Practical Preparation (fund-raising, language, specific cultural training)
 CCF Global Outreach Team
The candidate is to meet every other month with the GO team in order to meet practical deadlines in order to be commissioned to his/her work in God’s mission in a timely fashion.

[E] Discovery Short-term Mission Trip
Each participant is required to have a cross-cultural ministry experience before completing their internship.

[F] TempleWork 
Offered once a year in a corporate setting
TempleWork is a 40-day spiritual journey designed to advance the Spirit’s work of sanctification within oneself.

[G] LifeTerrain Mapping
The LifeTerrain system includes a number of strategic visualization tools designed for personal and professional development. By rendering a person’s present set of circumstances into a visual landscape environment, LifeTerrain offers powerful “a-ha” discoveries that can lead to personal, relational and professional breakthroughs. Each candidate is required once a year to take this on-line self-assessment discovery tool and then debrief his/her discoveries with the Internship Supervisors. 

[H] Doctrine: 
Before completing the internship, each participant must submit their personal Faith Statement to the Internship Supervisors and to defend their statement before the Pastors and Elders of CCF.

[I] Identity School for Christian Ministry 
A 3-day conference offered once a year
Bible colleges and seminaries offer valuable theological training. But have students received the emotional and relational equipping in order to survive the criticism, sabotage, betrayal, mistrust, slander, political maneuverings, coalitions, transference, gossip, power struggles, etc. that exists in every ministry system? The Identity School curriculum is specifically designed to help each student discover his/her triggers through specific exercises and experiential learning. It is essential to receive ministry survival training in the early season of a person’s ministry so that potential dangers are recognized and disasters can be avoided. The sole purpose of the Identity School is to reduce the attrition rate of the next generation of career ministers.

[J] JusticeRain INC 
20 hours of service under the direction of Dr. Tracy Saletta and the board of this 501c-3 JusticeRain was created to develop strategic, sustainable, and holistic partnerships for justice locally and globally. Participants will be involved with works of compassion, transformational development, and advocacy in the Name of Christ

[H] Huddle 
Discuss with Stuart Tattum and/or Pastor Tracy about joining a huddle group. 

[K] Each missionary intern must complete one of the following certificate programs:

Unbound Training 
one weekend conference under the direction of Neal Lozano and the Heart of the Father staff
At each Unbound: Freedom in Christ Conference, this incredible team teaches all the participants to use the Five Keys to help grow in their ministry to others. A limited amount of people receive additional training in order to serve as part of the ministry team for that weekend.

Substance Addiction and Recovery   
20 hours of training and service under the direction of Rev. Rich and Vickie Mollica of CCF’s Recovery Program. Interns will participate in four recovery meetings, and at least one evening at a drop-in center in Philadelphia.

Homeless Ministry 
20 hours of service under the direction of Gale Walls and Kristine Vuocolo
Training and time spent on the street, in the shelters, the Food bank, Community Dinner (outreach dinner and ministry), and networking with social agencies.

Prison Ministry/Malachi Dads
Six 2-hour ministry times at Chester County prison 
Participants will follow the direction of Cindy Outlaw (Deacon of Outreach of CCF) and minister with a team in the Chester County prison six times.