Internships for Christian Ministry
Practical training for persons called to pastoral, cross-cultural, recovery and justice ministries

What Does the Internship Program Provide?
[1] On-going instruction and mentoring from two experienced pastors
[2] Emotional-relational equipping and the Identity School curriculum
[3] Prayer and the support of a community of believers
[5] The opportunity to engage in ministry practice within a local church community including: Preaching, teaching, evangelism,
administration, learning how to oversee worship services, prayer services, prayer vigils; shadowing the pastors, observing/participating in Elder meetings, pastoral care: including weddings, baptisms, funerals, child dedications;
pastoral counseling, crisis intervention, individual and marriage counseling​, working to hear and discern the prophetic; development of one's own theology and practice of justice and the whole gospel for the whole world, one's own missiology; Working with a wide range of ministries within a church: Youth, Children, Worship and the Arts, Prayer, Small Groups, etc.;
Hands-on opportunities:  Working with church planters, missionaries, cross-cultural workers, agencies, other churches.
[6] Upon successful completion of the internship, ordination, commissioning, and continued partnership with Cornerstone, the mentoring pastors, and the other ordained ministers and future interns. 
When can I start? Do I need to be attending seminary to begin the internship?
You can start as soon as your application has been processed and you've been accepted into the program. The internship has on-going enrollment, which means you will be working with others who have been in the program for over a year, or just a few weeks. Candidates do not need to be attending seminary in order to begin the internship, but we need assurance that seminary training will begin soon.
Presently, how many interns are enrolled in the program?

As of October, 2011, there are six interns.  Three others just completed their training in August, were ordained, and are presently working toward their specific commissioning (planting churches and/or cross-cultural mission work).
Are there seminaries in your area?
There are a number of seminaries in the greater Philadelphia area.  
The two that we are most familiar with (have a working relationship with) are:

Palmer Theological Seminary, Wynnewood, Pa. 

Biblical Theological Seminary. Hatfieild, Pa. (interesting cohort program for M.Div)

What is Required of me?
[1] An average of 10 hrs/wk in ministry service and practice under the direction of the mentoring pastors, for 24 months
[2] A willingness to receive feedback for the purpose of development and growth
[3] No money for the internship
[4] Finding a place to live and working a part-time job (if necessary) in the West Chester area during the internship.

Is This Internship For Me?

Is this internship right for you? It may be if you can make the following declarations:

[1] I believe I am called to a career in full-time ministry.

[2] I believe that pastors and missionaries are to be sent out (commissioned) by the pastors and elders of a local church community. I need a local church community. 
[3] I am open to learning and am teachable. 

[4] I have reviewed Cornerstone’s faith statement and doctrinal distinctives (below) and agree with them.

[5] I am willing to live near West Chester, Pa. in order to participate in this two-year internship.

[6] I have completed or will complete an academic curriculum equivalent to a Masters of Theological Studies Degree (two year full-time) at an accredited seminary.

[7] As the Lord leads and after my training, I am willing to plant a church locally or cross-culturally.